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Balancing Oil-Control Lotion / 150 ml

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Restore skin with Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel toner to shrink pore and healing damaged skin from infection. Prevent skin dryness make face skin moisturized more soft and glowing.

Oil control and moisture replenishment

Help to control oil skin and moisturize, maintain a healthy look and relaxing.

Alcohol-free product

A lotion / toner with alcohol free ! Your skin will be left thoroughly cleansed and conditioned without disturbing its natural moisture. 

Suitable for all skin type

It’s gentle and non-irritation for sensitive skin user.

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Skin Type

Excessively oily skin  

Pores blocked

Acne-prone skin  

Dehydrated dryness  

Damaged skin

Q : Whats Reason Must Be Using EFFEC’s Lotion ?

Gentle and low insensitive

Alcohol free

Suitable for all skin type

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Witch Hazel

What is Witch Hazel?

The precious witch hazel is strict selected from North America, because it survives under high pressure, so that have unique defense mechanisms, has excellent ability to adjust the oily of skin, can effectively soothe the redness and reduce acne. Refine the pores, skin become more delicate white and tender.

What difference between EFFEC’s balancing oil-control lotion and commercial products?

EFFEC Balancing oil-control lotion contains witch hazel extract, excellent skin-friendly properties can quickly infiltration the skin, absorb quickly. The texture is refreshing no burden and alcohol free, suitable for sensitive skin. Strengthen moisturizing, tighten pores,  overthrows your knowledge for toner, skin more white and delicate from now !

Is sensitive skin suitable to using witch hazel product?

The essence of Witch Hazel which is derived from the essence of natural plants can relieve skin irritation and oiliness, achieve moisturizing and firming pores, has mild high performance and low irritation properties. It is suitable for general and sensitive skin.

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Witch Hazel Extract

Can protect the wound or irritated area
from infection, and also promote healing.
Even those with mature or sensitive skin
who are dealing with oily skin and clogged
pores can use it.


Non irritating ingredient that has the
ability to help heal the sensitive skin and
stimulate the growth of healthy

Panthenol ( Vit B5 )

Can relieve symptomsand as a
moisturizing effect, make the skin
delicate will not be feeling in

Cucumber Extract

Create a layer on your face skin that acts as
a barrier to attract and keep moiture in.

Aloe Extract

Help to support the skin’s defence
system against premature aging
caused by free radicals.

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How To Use

Splash lotion on your palm or a cotton pad.
Gently pat over your entire face skin and neck
until the skin asorbed it.

Avoiding contact with your eyes.

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