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brand concept

Be the main character in your life.

Look in the mirror every day and carefully manage your appearance, that always feel we can do more.

In the philosophy of care from EFFEC Skin care, we provide women a simple, efficient  Anti-aging and natural skin care routine. EFFEC Skin care team does not only emphasis skin itself, also the interaction between environment and lifestyle, which cannot be underestimated. Due to the high pace of modern lifestyle and surrounding pressure, which increasing the skin aging process and skin easily damaged by the busy life and climate, and end up with a rough and inelastic skin.

With EFFEC Skin care’s efforts, we design to meet the real anti-aging skin care needs of modern Asian women's skin and proudly present to you the most suitable skin care with perfect circulation of skin recovery and maintenance.

Skin care is an attitude, but also a kind of life to enjoy.

The products of LAMELLAR series like a protective Shield, start from moisture to anti-aging the natural moisturizing factor to lock the skin moisture, protect your skin, with the most pure way to guard your skin, lay the best of foundation for anti-aging.