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Why can't lighten my skin? 6 reasons of darkness skin.

There are many reasons for the dullness skin. Need to whitening the skin is not to blindly using product may to find out the cause first. The skin dehydration, cuticle oxidation, accumulation, melanin overproduction, staying up late, etc. will cause the skin to be dull. Let's take a look at it, find your own cause, so that the right way can be effective. 

1. Melanin overproduction

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This kind of dullness skin can happen to anyone, especially those who don't like using sunscreen and fair skin. Long time exposure to UV light can easily cause damage to the stratum corneum of the skin, your surface skin will become in a rough touch, and the face looks dull.
Testing your skin's dullness is it because of melanin or not. You can see your skin color of face is darker than the color of your arms and calves. If yes, it means that you may not be able to do enough sunscreen protection resulting in stimulate the production of melanin. In daily life, stick to sunscreen every day, and wear cap and sunglasses.

2. Keratin oxidation

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Long-term exposure in the air pollution environment such as UV rays, electromagnetic waves, computer screens, smoking, etc., it is easy to stimulate the body to produce excessive free radicals, causing aging of the stratum corneum, and the oxidation of the stratum corneum is also a major cause of the skin color does not look glossy. The oxidized skin's stratum corneum is injured and unevenly arranged, resulting in a rough touch on the skin surface, so the face looks dull. In addition to the daily isolation and sun protection work, the skin should be supplemented with anti-oxidant substances. You can eat a lot of vitamin-rich products and use anti-wrinkle and anti-oxidation products.

3. Old keratin accumulation

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The old dead keratin of the skin will not metabolism and accumulate on the surface of skin. It will cause the skin to feel rough and also make melanin difficult to metabolize. Your skin will become large pores and frequent oil secretion, if you do not remove the old dead skin cells properly, even you use a lot of whitening skin care products, it is difficult to absorbed into the skin.
Therefore, to solve this kind of problem is to use more products to remove aging keratin, but not be too frequent, healthy skin is used twice a week, and sensitive skin can be used once a week, and the skin care products should be choose more gentle.

4. Insufficient skin moisture retention

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Aging, computer screen irradiation, air conditioning, etc. will bring dryness to the skin, while whitening is always with moisturizing at the same time. For well-hydrated skin, the keratin will be transparent and flexible, and the whitening effect will be better. If skin lacks of moisture, the regulation function of the stratum corneum will decrease, the resistance to sunlight and pollution will be significantly reduced, and the deposition of dust on the face will bring dullness to the skin.
If you after using whitening products still no effect, please check your moisture work is done. You can apply moisturizing mask or essence before using whitening products. It is also a good choice to use some whitening products which complete water retention and whitening effect.

5. Blood oxygenation declines

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Somebody have a darkness skin, it is not because of melanin. Because the oxygen content in the blood is too low. Under the illumination of light, the oxygen content of heme will also determine the skin color. When the blood contains high oxygen and the blood loops smoothly, the skin tone will look rosy and shiny. On the other hand, if the oxygen content is low, it will appear dark and sallow.

The cause of this poor skin tone may come from malnutrition and partial eclipse, which makes the body lack the nutrients needed for hematopoiesis such as iron, vitamin A, vitamin B, etc., so adjust the balanced nutrient intake, proper aerobic exercise, and use Promoting cell cycle activity and whitening skin care products can effectively change the dull skin condition.

6. Irregular life style

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Abnormal work and rest can cause the body's metabolic decline, affect production of melanin and metabolism, reduce the repair ability of the epidermis, and may also cause endocrine disorders, which in turn affect the skin texture.
Sleeping time in the evening is the moment of skin renewal and repair. The new cell growth and the elimination of aging keratinocytes occur in the “beauty sense” period. Too late to sleep or lack of sleep will make the metabolism function no longer smooth, causing aging keratin accumulation. Thickening, the skin naturally loses its sense of transparency, showing a dull grayish gray. In addition, if people with hormonal imbalance form liver spots often stay up late, the liver spots on the face will be aggravated. Therefore, if there are no MMs in the above five situations, the color is still dull, it is undoubted that there is a problem with your schedule.

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