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Three concepts of summer moisturizing that you need to know.

Moisturizing is always the main focus when we discuss about skin care. Since it’s so important, what is the secret behind summer moisturizing? In fact, moisturize isn’t the only effect that a skin care provide. And it is also not as easy as skin hydration . There are three concepts about summer moisturizing, and how to adjust the proportion in moisturizing ingredients ; that will make your skin moist in the muggy summer.

1. Moisturizing ingredients can classify into three parts

Lots of people think moisturisation is equal to skin hydration. However, it is only an one third correct answer. Lotion isn’t really helping you to keep water on your face after face wash, without the follow-up water lock step, water will loss in a blink of an eye. Especially in a dry environment, sometimes it even took away more moisture on your face, which makes skin even more dry. To understand more tips about summer moisturizing, we should start to look into moisturizing effect .

Moisturising effect mainly divided into:Occlusive, Humectant and Emollient.

Moisturizing effect 1. Occlusive. 

The role of occlusive plays is more like a wax on face. It builds a barrier protector that cannot be penetrated by water. Even if the environment humidity is changing, skin moisture will not be influenced. It also helps to reduce the skin moist request. Most of the occlusive ingredients are oily care ingredients.

Moisturizing effect 2. Humectant.

You can imagine moisturizing ingredients as a sponge, which absorbs water. This sponge is able to maintain the water content on your skin, it can also draws the water in the air and stores them on your skin surface, that maintains skin moisturization and improve barrier function of cuticle during the increase humidity environment ( Into the summer season for instance). Most of the humectant ingredients are water-based care ingredients , which is soluble in water.

Moisturizing effect 3. Emollient.

Third ingredient is more like cement, which has ‘Filling gaps’ effect.  It can fill up the gap between keratinocytes , that makes skin smooth and soft. Emollient ingredients can also categorized into 4 types : Protective , Oily , Convergence and Dryness. It is the key to make skin smooth and rosy and mostly are oily care ingredients.

2. What is the key to summer moisturizing?

According to research, every time when temperature raises one degree, sebaceous gland secretion will increase 10%; people will start sweating at the same time. When sweats and oil merge on our skin, it will become a layer of Sebum film , to reach some moisturizing effect. So that, in a higher temperature environment, our oil and sweat increase more than usual, which means we don’t need to worried too much about occlusive and emollient. We only have to supply suitable humectant moisturizing ingredients.

A long- time stayed under air-conditioning will be the only exception.

Because of the lower humidity and temperature, sebaceous glands  and sweat secretion will decrease, that makes the water in cuticle  evaporate more easily. Therefore, not only provide suitable occlusive and emollient ingredients, we also have to particularly strengthen our humectant ingredients; to maintain the water content  on our skin. If there are no adjustment for the way of moisturizing, cuticle can not be sustained watery.

3. Summer moisturizing for different skin types.   

There is no complex trick in summer moisturizing. Through some simple steps, and adjust the usage of skin care based on personal skin condition. It will provide what we most needed moisturising effect 

Dry / Normal / Combination dry skin : because of the less oil secretion, it is helpful to add a small amount of oily care products after putting on water-based skin care products .   

Oil skin : Due to the huge amount of oil secretion, it might be just enough to use water-based skin care products (  lotion   or   serum ) as moisturizing steps 

Three steps of summer moisturizing:

Step 1. Gently clean

Using mild and non- irritant facial cleanser. Fully rub it into bubbles, using water lower than body temperature to clean up your face. 

Step 2. Water replenishment 

According to different skin condition, increase the amount of moisturizing serum, apply evenly on your face, let the cream fully absorbed by your skin. 

Step 3. Oily lock water 

Our face has is higher oil secretion (Especially on the T zone). It is recommended to use different amount of cream according to different types of skin, making the skin to achieve the appropriate water locking effect, and maintain a long- time .

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