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The ways to ‘freeze’ your age after 25

Women ageing a lot after 25. More lines will appear on the face. When it happens, you should start to caring yourself. Diet is a great way to start, or you can start with your daily trivia. There are 10 ways to protect for face if you are after 25.

1. A ‘complete’ sleep :  

Women can not stay up late. 11 pm to 1 am are the golden time for skin recovery. That women needs to sleep before 11 pm. You should be deeply sleep this time, because your body will starts to detoxificant. Otherwise speckles will find you easily.

2. Drinking water :   

women can never be in a water shortage situation. 8 or more glass of water is strongly recommended. Never drink water when you start feeling thirsty, because it is a signal of water shortage. Drinking more water makes your body start regulate endocrine and excretion of toxins from the body. 

3. A balanced nutrition :    

A balanced nutrition is important for a woman after 25. Vegetarian is not really helpful for losing weights. You should always ingest different nutrition. Not only fruits, protein is also needed for your body.  

4. Stay in a good mood :     

A good mood is more important than anything. Depression easily leads to ageing that people should Learn how to adjust your mood. For example : chatting with friends, exercising or shopping. Sometimes crying out is better than holding in. Therefore, women must learn to letting it out.   

5. Working out :      

Working out is not really about losing weight. It makes our body stay in healthy, which is helpful for detoxification. It also increase blood circulation, make people stay in good mood. If time allowed, doing Yoga or  hula hoop can be a good choice.    

6. Replenishment  :       

Skin is not the same as our body, we can drink water if we lack of water. But our skin need to stay moisturizing all the time.     

7. Soup:       

Soup is a secret weapon for women to stay in beauty. Women need to learn how to make different kind of soups, such as jujube or lily, which helps the skin.      

8. Cellulose supplement : 

Constipation and obesity are the common problem for women during this age. Cellulose is the answer for those problems. It helps constipation, detoxification, lipid-lowering, prevention obesity.

9. A diverse diet :  

4 portions of fruit, 5 portions of veggies, 1 meat dish a day, and eating fish twice a week.

10 Supply a suitable amount of collagen :  

It helps you to stay in beauty, and avoid ageing. That a suitable amount of collagen is a way to skin care. 

There are more ways for women to maintain, such as having breakfast on time, some women avoid breakfast because she is losing weight. It is not a smart way of staying in beauty. Breakfast is the energy source for a day, avoiding breakfast will make you lack of energy and age more.

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