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The way to replenishment skin.

Singapore women is often trouble by dry skin and it is a primary mission of daily skin care. But blindly replenish water to face, such as spray moisturizing, apply cream seem may not solve the problem! Therefore, when the skin is dry, it is very important to distinguish whether the epidermis or dermal cell is dehydrated, if moisture skin correctly will get a perfect skin! Today, we will share with you how to drink for the skin!

Supply water to epidermis

Usually the epidermis lack of water is mostly caused by the external environment. For example, long-term exposure to air-con room, lazy to maintenance, and mistake using skin care products are also the main causes. This problem is easy to solve. Only need to use the moisturizer skin care products, and then carry out the 5 steps of the daily skin care routine: Cleansing -> Toner -> Essence -> Eye Cream -> Face Cream, and remove keratin 2 weeks per time to ensure nutrient can be absorption. As skin deep hydration is not just depend on skin care products, if you often wet skin products still feel dry, you need to rely on some water or water injection technology can make deep skin has enough water.

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