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The perfect process of skin care for your face

Step 1 Clean      

Cleanse face with our gentle Hydrolyzed Silk Protein Facial Cleanser to remove dirt and free skin of harmful impurities.Skin’s natural moisture is reinforced,leaving skin feeling fresh and renewed.


Step 2 Moisture 

Our Balancing Oil-Control Toner is an alcohol-free product soothes your skin, refines pores and balances your skin pH. The gentle formula cleanses your skin, keeping it clear of surface debris, pollution particles and residual impurities, while leaving it balanced and refreshed.

Step 3 Repair  

The heart of the EFFEC skin care routine! An essence is a kind of hybrid made for hydrating and aiding skin repair and cell turnover. Apply it to freshly toned skin and pat it in.

Step 4 Mask 

They’re brilliant to use when you need a quick boost of hydration, or radiance. Plus, because they come in a handy sheet form, there is no mess left behind.

There are so many different types of sheet masks, so it’s best to choose one based on the condition of your skin. If you feel like you have a dulling complexion, choose a brightening mask. If you feel your skin is dry, choose one that has softening properties.

Step 5 Lock 

Face cream 

This step is to seal in all the other layers, and provide light hydration for your skin. This is definitely not a step to miss if you have severely dry or dehydrated skin as it really locks in the moisture.

Eyes cream  

The skin around your eyes is thin and delicate, which means you should treat it like the fragile flower that it is. An eye cream provides the area with extra helpings of hydration and protection. Use your ring finger to very gently tap eye cream around the entire orbital bone.

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