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The correct way to wash acne skin.

Daytime cleansing

Our face isn’t really dirty during the morning, most people can only use water to wash the face, including oily skin and pimples skin. Using warm water will be most recommended, do not use over heated water, otherwise it will stimulate the skin.

Nighttime cleansing

Only use sunscreen instead of make up in daytime.

The skin only needs a normal cleansing products under this circumstances; a pure physical sunscreen will be harder to clean than materialised sun sunscreen. Most time an amino acid cleansing is enough for cleaning sunscreen. Warm water and makeup remover can also be use if you feel it’s not clean enough.

Daytime make up

Most thin makeup can use cleanser, never over clean your face because of some metabolic residues. Over cleaning and rough cleaning are the main reason to growing zits. It is better to use makeup remover than makeup remove oil if you have a heavy make up.

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