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Let’s see what’s the tips for eye protection

Eyes are the part that mostly prominent your age. The phrase ‘ Eyes are the window of our soul ‘ emphasized the importance of our eye. It ages a lot when you have wrinkles around your eye; so that, how to protect the eye becomes one of the most important lesson for women. 

Start using eye cream between age 18 

People always think that it is not too late to start using eye cream, or even start using it when the first line appeared. AND YOU ARE SO WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most people have already overused their eyes by spending too much time on computer and mobile phone. It will also makes your eye muscle fatigue when people stayed too long in air-conditioned room. Prevention is better than 

medical treatment, so start using eye cream before its too late.

Gently pat, not rub

The skin around our eyes is really thin, that is possible to increase lines by rubbing it. To make eye cream more easily to be absorbed by using our finger gently pat, and softly press our skin.

The correct answer is to use your ring finger softly pat

Ring finger is the most weak finger, using eye cream with your ring finger will not do any damage to your eye skin.

Eye cream should be use all around your eye

Some lines will only appear on the side of the eye. However, due to make up and  remover, upper eyelid will easily age. Sometimes people ignored the thin line at the under eyelids, because our under eyelids skin is usually thinner than upper eyelid. Even though eye cream cost a lot, but we still need to use it all around our eye.

Add some gentle and moderate massage

A moderate massage can be used with eye cream, it can helps to increase blood circulation around your eye and also eliminate edema . Start from upper eyelids to outer corner and then to under eyelids. Gently pat a circle 3 times with your ring finger to make the eye cream absorbed by skin.

Face cream can’t replace eye cream

It seems either right or wrong when people said eye cream is a more expensive face cream. Eye cream is actually design for eyes only. Because the skin around our eyes are so thin, that might bringing burden by using face cream instead of eye cream.

Chose the correct eye cream 

It is fine to only use moisturizing eye cream before lines appear. After that we should chose the eye cream which is suitable for us.

More moist the better, which is not correct. The skin around the eye is not good with absorption, too ‘nutritious’ might leads to grease particles growing. Moisturizing cream can be use on dry skin, and refreshing type of cream is more suitable on oily skin.

There are several bad habit might leads to eye wrinkles. We should try to avoid them.  

Over use eye muscle will easily create wrinkles.

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