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How whitening before bed ?

What should we do to whitening yourself before bed?

A clean skin  

Our skin will secrete grease during daytime; dust, cosmetic leftover need to be cleaned before bed. 

Warm water, a gentle remover products (or make ups) and a gentle cleansing gel are the base of face cleaning. It helps the follow- up skin care effect.  


Skin sebum film and Natural moisturizing elements will be washed away after cleaning. Therefore, the skin is under a water and oil shortage condition, even the skin feels refreshing. That, timely adding whitening lotion and whitening emulsion is crucial. (Moisturizing lotion or  cream can be use if there is no need for whitening.)

Whitening serum  

The price of whitening serum can be a little bit high, but it has a higher concentration and a better effect. If the economic condition is permit, a whitening essence is strongly suggested. It can be use after whitening lotion, and before whitening emulsion (or cream).

Whitening Mask  

The above steps is available in both daytime and nighttime. However, whitening mask can only be use once or twice a week.

Can we use whitening serum in daytime? 

Some whitening serum is usable in daytime, some are not. If you use whitening serum involved pure vitamin C, it reduses effect after sun irradiation. Acid types of product is better be use during nighttime, Try to avoid ultraviolet during daytime. Most whitening serum products can be use in daytime except pure vitamin C types of product. Different whitening serum has different ingredients, which is recommended to read the instructions before using it.

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