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How to wash smarter

80% of people made mistake at the first step of maintenance! Did you correctly wash your face?

Cleaning as the first step of skin maintenance, also the most important step. According to the research, almost 80% of women facing care product malabsorption problem because of uncleaned pores. The only way to solve this problem is to maintain a clean skin, that makes the skin easily absorb the follow- up caring  products. A ‘ complete’ face wash is not only about absorbing care products, it is more about cleaning the accumulative dirt and old waste keratin. Therefore, people should always remember to wash face, even for those whom has no intention of skin maintenance.

Cleaning is the foundation of skin maintenance, quite a few people have fascinated by the smooth touch of the skin after skin cleaning, but forgot the cleaning moderation, which leads to ‘over clean’ problem. From selecting skin care products to all the small details such as duration, frequency, temperature and finger strength that all should be depended on our everyday ‘skin emotion’ to make an adjustment. If your skin keep having problem, you might as well reflect to the cleaning habit. So that, the dry skin and the out-of-control acne problem can be solved.

Acknowledging the limit of cleaning.

Over-cleaning is the most common mistake that people have made. Nowadays, people believe increasing face washing frequency is better and even use some over- powering cleaning products. Especially face washing machine, some people have loved the ‘after cleaning feel’, so unconsciously spending too much time on it. It may already destroyed the skin barrier layer, it makes you skin even more out of water and increasing the grease problem.

Face wash tips.  Moderate use of face washing product.

How to clean our face? The answer is simple: using face wash cream in the morning and at night. Some women might worried that using face wash cream in the morning might be too much for skin to handle. That they using only water instead of proper face wash products. In fact, human skin secrete grease all day, even in the sleeping hours. If we ignore the grease problem, it will easily deteriorate and clogged the pores, which leads to folliculitis and breeding bacteria with further more acne and zits related problems. Therefore, unless you have a super dry or sensitive skin, always remember to use face washing product day and night.

It should be noted that if the skin feels too dry after the wash, it may be the unmoisturize washing product. We strongly recommended to use the mild facial cleanser with some warm water and some gentle massage, and you can have a clean face. It helps to absorb the follow- up skin care products. That no need to worry about the greeasing and dull after the makeup.

Clean the face for efficient care product absorption.

There is a famous quote - less is more. It represents that there is no complex process of skin care, we should always have a limit bear in mind. A watery and clean skin does not come from a complicated work. The foundation of maintenance is face clean, without the dirt and grease in the capillary, other skin care product can be absorb easily, deeply irrigation and moisture skin base layer, that you can announce the ‘skin dam’ has finally completed.  

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