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Don't forget the key point of summer skin care

Skin care protection is most needed when we live in a tropical area. Our skin is really soft and weak; if we do not pay more attention about skin care, the follow- up problem will stick with us for the rest of our life. And it will be hard to fix in that time. There are 4 tips about summer skin care that EFFEC offers to ladies.

Tips 1. Skin deep cleaning, to exfoliate on your skin.

Sweat and grease increased during summer. And so does the metabolites on the skin surface, which might create skin infection, clogged pores, blackheads and large pores problems. Therefore, the first preparation of skin care is : pay attention to cleaning and exfoliate. No matter how expensive of the skin care product, it will be hard to absorb if the skin has an abnormal metabolic. The skin can increase its  brightness, if we do the deep clean and exfoliate correctly with deep moisturizing and whitening products.

Tips 2. Conditioning dry skin, moisturizing at any time.  

High temperature makes the water on the skin easily volatile. That makes the skin in a water shortage state. If we want the skin stay in healthy, we should always remember to replenish water for the skin.  

Tips 3. Pay attention to sun protection and isolated UV rays.    

The UV rays creates several problem to our face, and it is one of the reason for skin ageing. That it should be one of the priority to accurately avoiding UV rays and correctly prepare sun protection.    

Tips 4. Sun repair      

An over exposure skin will cause red mark appear on the skin, if we failed in sun protection process. What should we do if it happens? 

Never think it will repair by itself and do nothing about it. Otherwise the red mark will turn into black and start to peeling, erythema, tanning and sunburn. Always remember the ‘golden 24 hours’ repair period after we got sunburn. Using calm and soothe mask with high effect or other essence products. It makes the burning skin calm from the inside and helps the skin to rest.

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