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Did you know thick pores divided into 4 types?

The problem of pores always been the top 3 to Asian girls. Everyone is looking for the most effective way to improve their pores. How many different types which as pore strips, acid and facial treatment have you tried? How was the effect ?

There are 4 types different of large pores : keratin, dehydration, oily and aging. Before too solve the problem of pore you must find out which type you belong to, and fix it with suitable way !

1. Keratin Type

Cause :
1. Cleansing and remover is not complete, resulting in the old keratin, dirt, and oil to block your pores.
2. Excessive pressure leads to endocrine disorders, poor keratolytic metabolism resultng in clogging pores.

Solution :
1. Cleansing face thoroughly day and night, cleanse dirt with gentle facial cleanser.
2. Choose a skin rejuvenation treatment, once in 2 week, remove dirt, oil and old keratin.
3. Relax, release pressure, let endocrine restore balance, ensure adequate sleep.

2. Dehydration Type

Cause :
1. Dry environment, the changing seasons affect skin dehydration.
2. Poor life habits, reduce circulation of blood, nutrients cannot be deliver to skin cells, resulting skin dehydration.

Solution :
1. Adding a humidifier in a dry environment, like putting a humidifier in air-con room to increase humidity.
2. Select a deep moisture facial treatment, rehydrate water to skin cells.
3. Daily care can use product which content in Natural Moisturizing Factor(NMF), collagen and hyaluronic acid.

3. Oily Type

Cause :
1.  Natural oily skin, oil secretion, resulting in blocked pores.
2. Excessively squeezing acne, injuring the dermis, the pores going to thick.
3. Like to eat spicy and fried, too greasy, it will stimulate skin glands to increasing secretion.

Solution :
1. Regulates the balance of water and oil inside the skin, choose a suitable treatment, makes your skin become neutral type to reduce secretion of oil.
2. Should not be squeezed acne on face by hand.
3. Pay attention to light diet, eat more fruits and vegetables which rich in Vit. C.

4. Aging Type

Cause :
1. As the age growing up, a large amount of collagen and moisture are lost on the face, resulting in large pores.
2. Damaged from UV, if without sunscreen long-term, UV light will increase the aging of skin.

Solution :
1. Select a anti-aging product in daily care, support your skin tighten.
2. Regular to do medical beauty treatment, stimulate collagen hyperplasia and lift skin to rebuild elasticity.
3.Do a good job of sunscreen, choose the right sunscreen product to reduce UV damage.

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