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6 things to increase speed of aging.

Anti-aging can be considered a life-long career for women. As the years have gone by, the wrinkles, pigmentation, sagging skin will appear. 40 years old start to anti-aging? In fact, the cells of the body begin aging from the age of 25, and as the age increases, the aging process will further accelerate.

"No ugly woman, only lazy woman." 

As long as you avoid or reduce these 6 things in your life, you can definitely delay aging.

1.Pull a long face

Emotional stability is very important for the endocrine balance. All day frowning faces will make the skin cells lack nutrients, face skin dry, wrinkles.

2.Stay up all night

Staying up late is an enemy of skin care. Insufficient sleep can cause to abnormal regulation of skin cells and affect the vitality of epidermal cells.

3.Expose to the sun

Direct expose to sunlight will damage the skin's elastic fibers and collagen, leaving the face skin to become sagging, dim and wrinkled. Absorption of excessive amounts of UV rays can make the skin darker and thicker, also can cause to cancer.

4.Smoke and alcohol

Drinking alcohol will reduce the amount of oil in the skin, skin going to dehydration, indirectly affect the regular function of the skin. Nicotine has a contraction effect on the skin blood vessels, so the smoker's skin appears wrinkles earlier than the non-smokers 10 years . Smokers look to be older than non-smoker counterparts.

5.Don't like to drink water

Water is the source of skin's life, and it is the key for skin care that the skin is replenished with sufficient moisture. If the water intake is insufficient, it will lead to insufficient oil secretion and the skin will be easily dehydrated.

6.Using unsuitable skin care products

Many women do not understand their own skin, blindly buy a different skin care products or treatment for maintenance is counterproductive. Using an unsuitable skin care products will even destroy the structure of the skin, allergies and other adverse reactions. Only by truly understanding your skin to choose a right product, so you must regularly and scientifically test the skin and make sure that you choose the skin care products or treatment is good for you.

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