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How to deep cleaning ? 5 ways to get a healthy face

Our daily face wash may not seem important; however, if we ignore the details of face cleaning, that our skin will easily occur pimples. 

Cleaning is the first step of skin care.

" Dry and tight skin is what we wanted after washing face”, “ washing face frequently will improve zits problem” or “ using some folk prescription for face wash may surprise you ” are the myth we should break first. In fact, cleaning is the most important function for any face wash cosmetics. washing face frequently can only took away some dirt on shallow layer of skin, it does not providing any help for zits problem at all. Every time you feel dry and tight after face wash, it may be possible that you over clean your face. If we don’t take it serious, it will leads to lower water content and damage our skin. Speaking of folk prescription, we can not always be sure about the actual result, and it has a great chance  to bring opposite effect that make skin irritate and inflamed.

For example, there were a lady wanted to solve zits problem by using deep clean face wash, and frequently use strong cleaning product, but ignore her own protection on skin cuticle. She ends up over clean and damaged her cuticle, which leads to serious peeling skin. Rashes and plaques have occurred when she went to the doctor, that need a lot time to recover.

To improve face cleaning knowledge, there is ‘Five Ways To Clean Your Face’, that helps you to correctly choose and use face wash cosmetics.

1. Choose product with label : Carefully choose product with complete label, find the one fit to your skin, and follow the instruction correctly.

2. Mild water : Pay attention to the water temperature. Using water lower than your body temperature.

3. Soft, slow and gentle : Putting the wash supplies on your palm, rub it into bubble or liquid before putting on your face. Hand movement need to be ‘ soft, slow and gentle’, do not press the skin with strong force. 

4. Speed up : After you make sure you clean every detail, using water to wash away the bubbles, do not keep face wash cosmetics on your face too long. 


5. An appropriate amount : Lastly, wash your face with face wash cosmetics only once a day, do not go over it. 

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