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5 Good habits for whitening skin

Whitening, it is no short cut and necessary to build up a long- term whitening habits. Although it sounds a little bit annoying, but what is more important than skin whitening? You should give it a try, let those whitening habits become your daily routine.  

Whitening habits 1. Sun protection as first priority

 No matter what weather is it, we should always avoid the damage from ultraviolet UVB and UVA to skin, it should become one of the habit, and try to avoid strong direct sunlights. Sunscreen can be a great weapon against tanning, sunburn and photoaging. Keep in mind that you should use sunscreen every 2 to 3 hours, and then it can be called as a complete sunscreen process.

Whitening habits 2. Early whitening

 Whitening need to be an early- start habit. Our skin is ‘Reversible’ before age 25. It is fixable even we had melanin precipitation . However, we need to use more skin care product to retain and restore our whiten skin after age 25.

Whitening habits 3. Moisturizing, Let your skin drink 

 Cuticle, water soluble protective layer and cell membrane is the best natural barrier protection. If any link has problem, our skin will loss water and become dark and dry. The quickest way to avoid dry skin is to use moisturizing whitening facial mask once to twice a week.

Whitening habits 4. Use massage as skin charger 

There are deep and shallow microvasculares is the dermis. The deep microvascular is use to regulate our body temperature, and the shallow microvascular is responds for providing nutrition to our skin. Skin massage is able to provide oxygen and enhance vitality to our skin. An appropriate massage can help blood circulation, quicken skin blood supply and make our skin whiten.

Whitening habits 5.Vitamins is important to our skin

 Vitamins A, C, E is not only adjust body function or improve immunity, it can also improve skin tissue and suppress pigmentation . Eating more rich vitamins fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, hawthorn, oranges and cabbages will make our skin whiten and increase skin vitality.

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