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3 tips to deal with dry skin in air conditioning room

Hot weather vs. air conditioning

Do you know air conditioning room is the biggest enemy of skin? A long- stay in air conditioning room will leads to dry skin and peeling. Air condition decreases the water in air, that also decreases the grease on skin to makes skin lose the moisture easily. Follow up with makeup meltdown, dry skin and larger pores problems. Especially office workers who spend most of the working hours in the air conditioning room. The water on the skin easily drained by the interior air conditioning system. Even a frequently adding makeup will not fix the problem. For the people who spend their time outside, because of temperature change from interior to exterior, skin loses water as well and may cause a serious grease and water imbalance or brusque the skin texture. Therefore, for the office ladies who spend most of their time in air conditioning room, should never ignore moisturizes the skin.

How do we deal with dry skin in air conditioning room?

High temperature environment speed up our grease secretion, which ‘lock’ the cuticle by the excess sebum and unable to metabolise normally. Entre to air conditioning room at this point means the water on skin rapidly evaporate that makes the thick cuticle even more attached to our skin and leads to serious clogged pores.

Tip one. Moisture as base.

To avoid unnecessary dry skin from air condition, using essence or mask as base at night or before leaving. Remember to select the essence or mask with a great moisturizing effect to maximizing the result.

Tip two. Deep nourish

Using moisture cream all season. Our skin is really weak, which need extra care. Ladies with dry, neutral and Combination dry skin can use face cream apart from essence or mask. It helps to lock up the moisture on skin and able to confront the dry air in air conditioning room. 

Tip three. A regular replenishment.

Air condition only needs few hours to dry the skin up. To avoid that, using cleansing products with amino acids ingredient, and regularly using replenishment spray. There are some part needs to take extra care, such as side of mouth, side of nose and cheeks. Using hand to tap gently after the spray, the temperature of hands help the skin to absorb water.

Remember to implement replenishment to help moisturizing the skin to defeat the dry air in air conditioning room. 

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