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3 step to avoid makeup cake face

The climate gradually changes from warm to hot, and the temperature changes significantly, especially after the rain, the skin is prone to dryness, tanning and other problems, such as ultraviolet rays, air conditioning, sweating, are the main factors that make the skin dehydration. Whenever the skin becomes dry, the make-up  is easy to peeling off and meltdown, which is embarrassing.

Going to work without make-up like wearing no clothes, but sometime the climate is hot and humid, caused destroy your beautiful makeup, because of the oily and sweaty skin.

Most people think that the reason of make-up meltdown it is caused by oily face. In fact, there are many reasons let the makeup cannot keep for a long time. The reason of oily face is only one of them. Others included dryness face, puffy face, which can cause makeup cake face.

Therefore, the essential maintenance before make-up is more important. You need to solve the skin problem to balance the oil and water, let your make-up can be keep longer.

Oily skin VS dry skin

If your skin is easy to oil, you can use facial cream or lotion which have oil-control effect, smooth the pores, inhibit the oil, keep the face dry; if the skin is dehydration, dry skin, it is recommended to use a refreshing moisturizing product, fully replenishment your skin before make-up.

So how do you meet the challenges of hot weather with confident look? If you want to avoid make-up cake face and the skin is clear, you need to do three key pre-makeup steps and in control of the light, thin and transparent makeup skills. Only in this way can make your skin become healthy and shiny, and the makeup effect can be perfect and lasting.

Learn the basic skills before make-up: moisturizing, firming, whitening, let the make-up maintain a whole day. The completed maintenance before make-up, in addition to the skin moisturizing, can also be combined with moderate massage techniques, make the skin naturally translucent and luster, keep natural beauty after make-up.

Step 1: Base with lotion to help balancing oil and water

EFFEC lotion

First, choose a lotion that is not irritating, suitable for sensitive skin, and pat your entire face. If you have enough time, also can use lotion with cotton to increase water retention of skin. It will make your make-up more closely attached on skin in long-lasting way without peeling off.

Step 2: With massage technique to increase skin cell absorb the essence


Next, put amount essence on your palm and rub warm. Apply evenly from the sides of the nose, the cheeks, the sides of mouth and the chin. Gently massage on the entire face with the fully moisturizer essence.

In addition, face massage tools can be used to lift the face to make the skin firmer. The area that is easy to edema can massage more strengthen, help the blood circulation, and let the skin absorb nutrient shortly. Then bring the excess essence to your neck and massage gently until fully absorbed.

Step 3: Apply a whitening emulsion or facial mask to supply the water quickly

effec emulsionfacial mask

Then, use an emulsion which have whitening and smoothing the skin texture function, apply evenly on face, after that apply the facial mask with fully essence. Please notice that the sheet mask must close to the skin, especially the nose. It can make the skin fully absorb water, which helps the skin to be healthy and good looking.

After the basic maintenance is completed, you can start to make-up the overall look is perfect, make-up more closely attached on skin in long-lasting way without peeling off.

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