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2 habits that increase aging of the skin.

Some people said that women will lose collagen from the age of 25 and their face skin will begin sagging. It sounds like a terrible prediction. However, after 25 years of age, it is indeed felt that the elasticity and luster of skin gradually lost with time, have you ever wondered, some bad habits are increase the speed of skin sagging?

1. Lack of maintenance

Must be not enough moisture. Indeed, you are busy on work. When back to home after working overtime, they can't wait to go to bed immediately. Sometimes they don't even have time for dinner, so how can get a mask? Not enough moisturizing is the worst enemy of the skin! If the skin cells have insufficient water, the alignment will be "out of shape". After that, it is very difficult to save! Of course, lack of sleep is also a natural enemy of skin quality. Between adequate hydration and sleep, sleeping masks and high-strength smearing moisturizer masks(use during bath) are good choices !

2. Skincare mistake

People who like to take a hot bath should pay attention to this habit.The increasingly rapid pace of life today, many people even wash their face and brush their teeth when taking hot bath. This habit also has the opportunity to make skin aging! The water is too hot for the face skin, and the best temperature of water for washing face is like temperature of body or a little bit lower than it, about 32-33 degrees. When you wash your face with water of overheated, your skin will easy become dryness, so that you will lack moisture to support collagen composition.

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