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Quit some breakfast for good skin.

We often ask that how to get beautiful skin.The health of the food directly affects the quality of the body and the skin, especially the first meal in the morning, and the result will be reflected on the skin. However, Singapore women who are busy, late at night and greedy and convenient, can not afford to eat ten of them. So, why? So the skin is much worse than Japan and South Korea ! 

Singapore's breakfast OUT !

Singapore breakfast, as a Singaporean, of course, I think of "Kopi tiam" for the first time, but for the sake of the skin, I am still isolated from the foods that are high in fat, oily and less nutritious. You should know that breakfast is not as simple as eating. Because you are hungry for one night, your body's absorption is naturally higher, and the food requirements should be higher.

Mee siam

One plate – 694 calories

It packs a whopping 2,660mg of sodium. Healthier gratification: Save about 174 calories by leaving a quarter of the noodles behind.

Mutton murtabak

One serving – 587 calories

It’s high in sodium (2150mg), cholesterol (206mg) and carbs (61.4g). Healthier gratification: Get a chicken murtabak instead and save yourself about 98 calories.

Mee rubus

One bowl – 571 calories (served with one hard-boiled egg)

This is both high in salt (2,160mg) and cholesterol (206mg) – not something you want first thing in the morning. Healthier gratification: Leave half to a quarter of the noodles behind – you’ll be halving the calories too.

Roti prata

Two pieces – 497 calories (one egg and one plain)

Besides being high in carbs (60g), the margarine that’s usually used to fry prata often contains trans fats. Healthier gratification: Stick to three tablespoons of curry for each piece of prata to cut down on your fat and cholesterol intake.

Carrot cake

One plate – 493 calories (with dark sweet sauce)

This contains 35g of fat and 1,290mg of sodium, close to the daily recommended limits. Healthier gratification: Opt for the white version. Sweet sauce can pack 50 to 100 calories.

Wanton noodles (dry)

1 bowl – 411 calories

Similarly to fishball noodles, a bowl of dry wanton noodles is doused in gravy with a side of soup. For a healthier option, ask for more vegetables and lesser gravy.

Kway chap

1 bowl – 650 calories

According to HealthXchange, this savoury dish completed with braised pork belly and intestines already exceeds the daily allowance for cholesterol and sodium for an average adult.

As for what should be eaten,Let's check it out!


Rich in carbohydrates, it can activate the body, make the body including the skin full of vitality, and help the gastrointestinal motility, clearing away the toxin skin naturally better and better. Do not believe? The common breakfast in Japan and South Korea is rice!

Sweet potato

If you want to eat carbohydrates but have low calories, sweet potato is the best choice. Isn't it popular in the near future? The rich fiber in the middle can promote the gastrointestinal motility, and want to excrete excess waste in the body to purify the skin.


Needless to say, eggs are the most protein, and protein helps to lock the skin moisture, egg yolk contains a variety of vitamins, want to skin water, eggs are a must-eat! However, in order to reduce oil absorption, it is recommended to recommend the right egg.


It is not the kind of sugar and coloring that has been refined. It is going to the extent known as "coarse grains". If the taste is not good, it will have enough fiber and vitamins to maintain the body's function and retain health. If it is sensitive to milk, it may be better to use soy milk soaked, as well as extra protein.


Fruit is good for everyone, but it is easy to cause diarrhea when eating too much fruit in the morning. In the perspective of Chinese medicine, these are also cold and cold, not good for the spleen and stomach; and fruits with high starch content such as bananas. Apples, papayas, etc. can avoid related problems, and reliable vitamins maintain skin health.

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