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Eat White : 5 Foods for Whitening and Anti-oxidation

Meet the hot weather but want to whiten your skin, it is very important for eat right healthy food. Dietitians pointed out that sun protection and skin whitening are long-term wars. In addition to going out for sun protection, also recommended that vitamin C should be supplemented as often as possible, and 5 type whitening foods not only against free radicals and anti-oxidation, but also reduce produce of melanin.

Whitening with food, Anti-oxidation from inside out.

In addition, the water is a beauty relic, it is recommended to drink more water daily, and eat more fruits which containing vitamin C, such as: lemon, guava, tomato, orange, kiwi fruit, help antioxidant and inhibit melanin synthesis; and parsley, celery, basil, citrus peel, bergamot contain photosensitizers and should be eaten as little as possible.

In life, work stress, excessive fatigue, and lack of sleep during the day and night can lead to poor skin metabolism and dark complexion. It is the best to go to bed before 11 pm to rejuvenate skin. At the same time to avoid smoking, drinking, because smoke and drink can cause skin melanin precipitation, increase skin aging.
 5 food for whitening skin and anti-UV

Nutritionist said that many people think about skin whitening is only “avoid sun tanning”. In fact, sun protection can prevent premature aging of skin, if not, wrinkles, sunburn, age spots, melanin deposition, and sunlight Keratinization will occur sooner, and the following five major whitening foods will be able to get rid of the complexion:

Eat white-5 foods for whitening and anti-oxidation-tomato

1. Tomato: The best sunscreen food. Tomato is rich lycopene for antioxidant, intake of 16 mg of lycopene per day, can reduce the sunburn risk factor by 40%, cooked tomatoes better than raw. At the same time eat some potatoes or carrots will be more effective, which beta-carotene can effectively block UV.

Eat white-5 foods for whitening and anti-oxidation-watermelon

2. Watermelon: Water content is much in fruits, so it is particularly suitable for the body which loss water in the summer. Eating watermelon is different from drinking water or beverages. It is not only supply water to body. Watermelon juice also contains a variety of important health and beauty ingredients, such as amino acids. These ingredients are easily absorbed by the skin, and have good moisturizing, nourishing, sunscreen and whitening effects on facial skin.

Eat white-5 foods for whitening and anti-oxidation-egg

3. Egg: Contains a large amount of selenium, its role to build a natural "sun protection layer" on the skin. Sunlight is an important cause of skin aging. Since ultraviolet rays damage cell structures and cause skin to age rapidly, it is important to construct a natural protective layer for your skin.

Eat white-5 foods for whitening and anti-oxidation-lemon

4. Lemon: rich in vitamin C, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin, quinic acid, citric acid, malic acid, hesperidin, naringin, coumarin, high amount potassium and low sodium are very beneficial to the human body. Citric acid has the effect of preventing and prevent skin pigmentation. Girls who desire whitening should eat more.

Eat white-5 foods for whitening and anti-oxidation-dark chocolate

5. Dark Chocolate: dark chocolate also contains flavonoids, in addition to increasing the skin's UV resistance, but also help retain skin moisture, increase oxygen and promote blood circulation.

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