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5 Ways to treat sunburn skin.

Many people forget to wipe the sunscreen before hang out. After they go home, the skin is become red and even tingling. In case you have sunburned, what should you do? Although most sunburns skin can heal itself in about three days, but the concept of acute sunburn treatment is very important! If you want to make the skin recover shortly, reduce the damage of UV rays to the body, follow the following methods !

1.Cooling with cold water: 

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If the skin is severely sunburned, the easiest way is to take a cold shower. Remember not to expose it to the sun again, or cover it with a cold water towel, but it is not recommended to using ice. Although ice has a good cooling effect, but the damaged skin is also more easy to frostbite. Also remember that you should do not use soap, shower gel, etc. to cleanse the skin.

2.Skin Moisturizing: 

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After bath, pat dry with a towel, leave some water on the skin, after that apply a moisturizing lotion for the skin have enough moisture to repair. Choose a moisturizer that is mild, simple in composition, fragrance-free, free of pigments or other irritating substances. Be careful not to use oily ointments, which may cause more damage to the skin and may even peel off.

3.Replenishing moisture: 

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Sunburn can cause the stratum corneum to lose water, so the body's water will lose quickly. Supplementing sufficient water can reduce the risk of dehydration and reduce the discomfort after other intense exposures. It is recommended to drink water and sports drinks, but do not only rely on a large amount of water, but also add electrolytes together to get it in one place. If you only add water, it will lead to electrolyte imbalance in the body, which will cause spontaneous dehydration, but it will not be worth the candle.

4.Strengthening sunscreens:

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While sunburned skin has not recovered yet, try to use sunshades, clothing, etc. to cover the sunburn skin. Because the damaged skin is not suitable for applying sunscreen products, when it is necessary to go out, it is physically strengthened to prevent the sunburned skin from being damaged by UV rays.

5.Do not pop any blisters:

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 If you have blisters on your skin, do not pop the blisters with your hands or other tools to avoid infection, it should be healed itself. If the area of the blisters is too large, please consult a doctor directly .

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