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Don't miss out 5 prime time to drinking water

Come to get a moisture skin in 6 month !

Have you ever thought that drinking a glass of water is so simple that it can help you detox and restore flawless skin? The secret is the drinking time, come and learn the golden time of drinking water.

Water can balance the pH of body. All the drinks and coffee made with affination sugar are acidic, affecting the skin's antioxidant ability, easily constipated, obesity, edema and skin aging. If you want to spend a lot of money to do medical beauty, it is better to start from the basics and drink water at the right time. The skin will absorb the benefits of water and help you improve your skin and body.

5 Prime time to drinking water

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1.Morning wake-up

The first thing to get up is not to brush your teeth, it is drink a cup of 500 ml warm water and drink it slowly. This will make the intestines slowly wake up and let you smooth bowel movement in the morning.


2. 9-11 am

Back to the office, the first thing you may want to drink a cup of unsweetened lemonade to balance your body's pH. From 9:00 am to 11:00 am, the spleen is very active.In Chinese medicine, according to the theory of the five elements spleen pertaining to the earth, there is enough water in the body, which is very good for the spleen and stomach. There will be a refreshing feeling in the body that will make you feel more spiritual than usual.


3.Before lunch

Drink 500 ml before lunch, also drink it slowly, this will make the body feel slightly full, help you not eat too much at lunch, and should not drink plenty of water after lunch, because it will dilute the gastric juice, affecting digestion.


4.Before bath

People who like to bathe or take a bath in hot water should pay special attention to replenishing water before taking a bath, because the heat will evaporate the water from your body, and it will be late to drink after bath.


5.1-2 hrs Before bed

Many people don't want go to the toilet in mid night. So that stop drinking water after dinner, this is not a right way. It should be early to drink water. For example, if you sleep at 12 am, you should drink less than 500 ml water at around 10 o'clock. Then go to the toilet before going to bed to sleep.

Even when you sleep, your body needs to maintain a certain amount of water, because the body is actually busy working while you sleep, repairing cells, secreting hormones, and so on.

Tip of drinking water:

Initially, drinking water at this prime time may not feel like getting used to it. The amount of water can be gradually increased. You don't need to start drinking 500 ml every time at the beginning. Generally, it is enough for girls to drink 3000ml a day. As long as you persist, keep drinking water for about a month in prime time, you will find that the uneven skin condition will be significantly improved, and it will not be as dull as before, and the acne will be reduced! There is also an unexpected bonus, that is smooth bowel movement !

Remind you, if you have edema, you should drink more water. Because your body will automatically keep the water if not enough. As a result, the wastewater produced by metabolism will accumulate in the body and form edema.

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