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Test your personality from washing face

  Test your personality from washing face

Q : Which part will you start washing ?


Start from forehead

A. Start from forehead

People who like to start washing their foreheads are usually more organized people. You are a very casual person who enjoy life very well, has leadership skills and charisma in school or work. You have a good habit, you like to process your thoughts while washing face. This type of person is low emotional, and the like and dislike of things are not easy to show on the face, the real thoughts is hidden in heart. In addition, the success index of such people in career is quite high.

Start from eye socket

B. Start from eye socket

You are the kind of person with romantic.When you hang out with friends, always want they listen to your arrangements.People who like to start washing around their eye sockets are also narcissistic people who like to spend a lot of money and time for themselves.You like new things, love enjoyment.You are not sleek in dealing with people and do not value other people's strengths. Instead, you care about other people's weaknesses. Indecisive and strong dependence on work. They are also not acceptable the criticisms and opinions from others. 

Start from nose

C. Start from nose

You belong to people who have a certain aesthetic taste. Such people usually have good habits on their life and work.People who like to wash start from their nose, they like to pursue beautiful things, as well as gentle and lingering feelings. This kind of person's love story is also quite romantic!You prefer to be alone and do not like to the kind of group life.In terms of work, you also don't like to be too rigid and like to work on beauty. 

Start from cheeks

D. Start from cheeks

You are economical and practical, and you will not waste too much time and money on entertainment. Usually this type of person is a more skillful person. You are very conceptual about time and money. Be proficient in financial management. This kind of person will plan before doing something, wait for the plan to be done, evaluate the probability of success, and wait until all the conditions have matured before starting to act. This type of person must avoid too much emphasis on money and honor. Don't become a workaholic without self! 

Start from chin

E. Start from chin

You belong to those who acts and gets things done. Such people value their desires and try to satisfy themselves by every possible.People who like to wash their face from the chin usually straightforward. They are less likely to plan their work in advance, even though they set goals very high and even require perfection.In fact, this kind of person's attitude toward doing things is very down to earth, but they often do not care. In the work, it is best to go step-by-step. Don't rush to achieve success in everything, so that the bigger the hope is, the greater the disappointment will be. 

According with wishes

F. According with wishes

You are a child of innocent type, and this kind of person refuses to grow.Everything is habitually accepted by others and likes to be taken care of by others.In terms of personality, this kind of person is more easy-going, with no opinion, no problem, no problem with school, no conflict with others, and a weak person. In terms of work, it is also more obedient and more embarrassing. Anything will be dealt with by the supervisor. People with this personality often have a bit of sadness, and often become scapegoats for others without reason. Therefore, it is recommended that such people be more mature and better. 


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